Mark Dreyer
Introduction To Pen Turning and Taking The Wooden Pen Up A Notch
All skill levels are welcome – Everyone starts with making a traditional wooden pen. But it does not need to end there. The key to the process is challenging yourself to do something new and branch out. We will take wood to a new level.

Part 1:
Topics include the entire process from blank selection or creation, drilling, gluing, turning, finishing, and assembly. We will look at numerous finishing techniques and the challenges of each – from simple buffing to CA and many in between. Working with all the basic tools and jigs used in the process.

Part 2:
Now taking the wood pen to the next steps – coloring, bleaching and segmenting wood. We will discuss the different techniques to make your work standout above the rest.

Very interactive. Strong PowerPoint with additional visuals and hands on.


Wood Pen Turning

  • Choose A Blank
    • Hardwood
    • Softwood
  • Drilling
  • Using Jigs
  • Gluing
  • Finishing The Ends
  • Assembly

Cutting Sequence

  • “Pressure” side to side NOT inward
  • Rough Cuts
  • Round Down
  • Work The Ends
  • Sand

Tools (55 Degree)

  • Bevel rubbing
  • Bevel angle
  • Grind


Wood Pen Enhancing

  • Coloring (Demo)
  • TransTint
  • Dye
  • Bleaching (Demo)
  • Wenge
  • Black Palm
  • Segmenting
  • Worthless Wood
  • Stabilizing
  • Closed End


  • At least 6 options for finishing a wooden pen
  • Value and challenges of each
  • Story board

Steps To Improve Finishing

Marketing Your Product